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"Blaming my Neighbor"

Pastor Darryl Burton

Please join Pastor Darryl Burton, while he brings today's sermon: "Blaming My Neighbor" shared at Old Mission UMC, Traditional & Contemporary Services on August 30, 2020. Visit website: or Facebook.

Oh my God! I am not speaking in vain! It is prose to God! Oh my God, Darryl! Your sermon this morning was everything and all!!! Yet I know there will be so much more! I am moved to tell you again that your ministry on both fronts is beginning right o tie! You have used your 12 year of freedom to prepare! You have been so generous! Now when the need for change is so clear, you are a precious agent for CHANGE! The Holy Spirit, you know will always show you the way! The Spirit and Valerie will keep you safe. Testimonial shared by Margaret and Mark Jansen

Good morning Burton - Darryl that was a great and vey important message you shared this morning. I hadn't heard your story about your experience as an 8 year old. I wish you could preach that from every pulpit in America. We all need to hear it, and keep hearing it. You are doing God's work for sure. Love you both. Testimonial shared by Mary Putney

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